FHL Insurance

FHL offers a comprehensive range of insurance products underwritten by both Protecta and Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited.

  • FHL Consumer Protection Insurance - In the event the Chattel is stolen, or damaged your Chattel is covered under the Terms and Conditions of this policy.
    Click here for the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.
  • FHL Payment Protection Plan Insurance - various options that protects you in case you lose your job, have to stop work because of illness, accident, made redundant, or upon death.
    Click here for the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.
  • FHL Motor Vehicle Insurance - is arranged through Autosure. The policy documents and payment authority are completed in-house along with the credit contract ensuring that the moment you walk out the door you are covered. Premiums can either be added to your loan, arranged independently as authorised agents of Autosure. Insurance can be paid fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly by direct debit. Or in full by credit card over a secure online gateway.
  • FHL GAP Insurance.

Arranging Your Insurance

Direct through FHL insurance. Call us on 0800 929 929 and we'll send you an application form, or you can make an appointment to see us and we can can run through your policy documents online.

An FHL authorised dealer can organise insurance on the spot for you at their dealership.